Welcome to Fred Astaire Dance Studios. We would like to congratulate you on taking your first steps to a promising and rewarding career. There’s no better time than today to join the exciting, rewarding dance industry! Fred Astaire Dance Studios are always looking for more outgoing, enthusiastic instructors to add to our winning team! Because of our thorough and comprehensive training program, teaching experience is not required. Nationwide, our studios offer the possibility of unlimited opportunities to grow. Currently, 85 of our studio owners began as teachers. The right person with the necessary skills and abilities can open a franchise within 3-4 years of starting with the company. With our Conceptual Method Of Teaching program, our teachers have all the skills required to open a studio.

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Our Mission statement is:  ”To enrich the lives of everyone who comes in contact with Fred Astaire Dance Studios.” This counts for students and employees alike, no matter if you want to make a career as a instructor, manager, studio owner or professional competitor, we strive to make your dreams come true and have programs in place that outline your way to success.

Geschichte und Information

Founded in 1947 by renowned dancer Fred Astaire, the Fred Astaire Dance Studio organization has been in existence for over sixty years.

The studios offer American Sytle Rhythm and Smooth as well as International Standard and Latin dancing lessons to adults and children of all ages. There are over 160 studios throughout the United States specializing in a teaching method that includes private, group and practice lessons. Fred Astaire Dance Studios are proud of the rich heritage and traditions that honor the vision and dreams of Mr. Fred Astaire himself.

The average age of a Fred Astaire Dance Studio student is between 35 and 55 years old, but generally ranges from 10 – 85. Most students are on a Bronze Level of dancing which is equivalent to a Bronze Medaillen Kurs in Germany.

The Fred Astaire National Dance Board members, all dancers with the highest levels of certification themselves, travel throughout the United States training and developing the dancing skills of all the instructors.

On a more local level, the studio owners and Dance directors train new instructors to maintain the high standards and requirements set by Mr. Astaire more than half a century ago. Every instructor will learn the Fred Astaire American Syllabus as well as the International Style. Instructors spend time teaching students and developing their own dancing abilities, as well as learning how to manage a franchised dance studio. The aim is constant improvement. Fred Astaire Dance Studio instructors are hand-selected from around the world to assure the best level of dance instruction in every studio.

Studio Locations and Studio Count

Studios are available for employment in multiple states and exciting cities. There are 165 studios and counting.


No matter if you prefer to stay within your comfort climate which you are used to from Germany or are looking to never wear a winter coat again, studios in ski areas as well as studios close to the most beautiful beaches are available for employment.


Most studios that are in a suburban setting will require a car, but your employer will help you with the process of not only finding a car but will also provide transportation for your initial month of employment.


The price of housing varies greatly according to which area in the U.S. your employment will be. Initial housing will be provided and the house hunt will be a joint effort between your employer and yourself.

Haeufige Fragen

What are the hours that instructors teach?
A dance instructor in a Fred Astaire Dance Studio teaches Monday through Friday from 12:30 to 9:30 p.m. Most of the lessons are private, but group lessons and practice sessions are also offered. We only teach on the weekends by appointment.

How will I learn the American curriculum?
You will receive training when you first arrive and most experienced dancers are able to earn their full bronze certification in a little more than a month. Instructors paid at an advanced guaranteed pay are expected to take their full bronze examination within six weeks of arrival.The full bronze curriculum is considered the base knowledge of American Ballroom dancing. This will allow them to take their students to competitions and earn more money. Every instructor within Fred Astaire is required to take exams every 3 months. Regional training and competitive practice is available to all staff at no cost on a daily/weekly and quarterly basis.

How long before I start making money?
You begin earning a paycheck as soon as you start working. Most studios offer a guaranteed pay of approximately $1600 a month before taxes for experienced instructors from overseas. This will help cover your expenses in the beginning, even if you are not reading alot in the studio It will help you through your training period until you are able to know enough to have clients. Most of our instructors earn between $2400 - $4000 a month.

Once you begin to fill your teaching schedule and participating in competitions, the opportunities to grow your pay are endless. This pay scale applies to all instructors. If you are an advanced dancer from overseas, you are estimated to fill your schedule to the maximum within three months, depending on your dancing skills and ability to adapt. You are expected to have advanced and competitive students from the beginning on, which will increase your pay tremendously

What are the offered Benefits (Leistungen)?

  • Competitive year end bonuses
  • Profit sharing plans (Gewinnbeteiligungen)
  • Vacation days (Urlaubstage)
  • Holidays (Feiertage)

Fred Astaire Employment Contact: Stephanie Schlueter

Stephanie Schlueter, Native German and US Citizen
Stephanie was a Adtv Dance instructor for over 10 years, before relocation to the U.S., a competitive S-Class dancer and Video clip and Trend Dance instructor. She is available to help you with the relocation process and can answer ALL of your concern and question. Please feel free to Contact our Fred Astaire Liaison (International):

Stephanie Schlueter
713-898-5061 (inside USA)
001-713-898-5061 (from Germany)
Email: FredastaireInternational@gmail.com







Donnie Burns

MBE was born in Hamilton, South Lanarkshire, Scotland. He is a Scottish professional ballroom dancer, specialising in Latin dance. He and his former partner Gaynor Fairweather were 14-time World Professional Latin champions, a record for this title. They were also eleven times International Latin American Dance Champions, also a record for this title. On their competitive retirement both were honored by appointment as MBE.

Donnie was undefeated in any competitive dance contest for nearly 20 years of continuous competition, a record in any major category of ballroom dance and is now in the Guinness Book of Records. During this period he won major titles in countries throughout the world. He is now Vice-President and Chairman of the World Dance Council. He is a winner of the Carl Alan Award for outstanding services to dance. 

The World Dance Council and Fred Astaire Dance Studios have formed a strong partnership and Donnie Burns is judging numerous Fred Astaire events throughout the year. Wanna meet Donnie Burns? Come and join our team.








Stephanie Schlueter

Stephanie came to the U.S. over ten years ago and started at a dance instructor in New England. 2 years later opened her first studio with fred Astaire. Today, Stephanie owns 4 studios and counting and is excited to add driven professionals to her network of growth. Born in Bavaria, Germany ,Stephanie pursued a career as Adtv dance instructor at the age of 16 and was a high class s-class latin dancer for many years. 

Stephanie is the Interantional Liasion for Germany and is always willing to answer and help with any questions regarding relocation and business opportunities here in the U.S.










Elmar Schmidt

Elmar began ballroom dancing in Germany at the age of 7, and through the years successfully competed in many Regional, National and International competitions. Upon completion of the extensive training of the ADTV to become a certified dance instructor, he was immediately offered a position as Assistant Manager and Dance Instructor at one of the largest German dancing schools in Munich, Germany.

In January, 2007, Elmar joined Fred Astaire Dance Studios as owner of the Brookfield, CT, location where he continues to pursue his passion for dancing. His Brookfield studio is one of the largest studios in the entire U.S.









Martin &Gina Goethche

Martin and gina came to U.S. over 15 years ago and a currently area franchisors for the new England region for fred Astaire Dance Studios.

Born in Denmark, Martin began ballroom dance instruction at the age of three. He danced in amateur competitions before he was ten years old, and was a finalist in all the major Danish Dance Sport Championships in the children, junior and youth classes.

Gina comes from Munich, Germany and started to dance at the age of fifteen. She competed very successfully at the amateur level with several partners and was the German Champion in the Latin American dances

In 1990, Martin and Gina began their partnership as competitive ballrooms dancers. Their titles include the Danish 10-Dance Champions and Austrian Latin and 10-Dance Champions. Martin and Gina were also finalists in the World and European 10-Dance Championships and in the World Latin Showcase Championships.






Bernd Seifert

A success story all around, Bernd is the executive dance director for 4 studios and in charge of all training in the texas region.Bernd was born in Hamburg, Germany and started dancing very early in his life. Bernd came to the U.S. ten years ago at the age of 19. Hardly speaking English and dancing standard and latin in the a-class. Being the hard worker he is, quickly he became the undefeated top teacher and national ranked competitor. Ben is now the proud holder of a green card and never looked back.












Marcel Helms

Marcel began ballroom dancing in Germany at the age of 8. Taking place in many Regional, National and International Competitions in Europe, he is a four‐time German Master, European Champion and World Champion in Boogie Woogie and Swing.marcel is a certified ADTV dance instructor and very easily adapted to the teaching methods in the U.S. Marcel became certified as instructor at Fred Astaire Dance Studios in 2009, and added the duties of Studio Supervisor in 2011. Marcel is currently working on becoming a studio owner after only being here a little over 5 years.











Andreas Koenigsberger

Born in Bavaria Germany Andreas joined fred Astaire dance studios in 2013.

Andreas Koenigsberger has been dancing over ten years. He was inspired at the age of thirteen when he first saw the Boogie, Swing, and Rock and Roll movie Grease!

Andy began his dance career in Germany, graduating with honors from the BDT. Andy always comes in the studio each day excited to teach others in following their dreams and accomplishing their goals in dance, “when you enjoy doing what you do each day, it is not a job, it is a dream you get paid doing”.